Friday, 6 July 2012

sexing Brahma & Owlbeard pullets?

I am adding these photos so that some chicken owning friends of mine can see if they are able to sex my brahma & owl beard pullets.  They are 9 weeks old now and i really would like to know.

Kitten update - almost 7 weeks old

They are all doing so well now. I am so proud of Meg, she has been a fantastic mum to them but is getting a bit fed up of feeding them for too long now which is as it should be.
It has been a wonderful experience and i know its gonna be so hard to let three of them go next week.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Gallery of my travels

I have scanned a load of old photos from various trips round the UK on holidays over the years. They are taken with a camera i used to own before the days of digital.  It was a 35mm SLR camera which i loved using but found it to be too large and cumbersome so i sold it many moons back. Oh, how i regret that now. I took some great pics with it, see what you think.

Willy Lotts Cottage

Llantwit Major Church, South Wales

St Hilarys, South Wales

St Lawrence, IOW

Langdon Hills bluebells, Essex

South Wales

Langdon Hills again

Dartmouth, Devon

Port Isaac, Cornwall

Ely, Cambs

Ely Cathedral, Cambs

Oliver Cromwells house, Ely, Cambs

Thames Barges

St Peters on the wall, Maldon, Essex

Llysworney, South Wales

St Peters on the wall